Thursday, November 22, 2007

Convert Web Widgets into Vista Sidebar Gadgets

There aren’t that many useful Vista sidebar gadgets available at the windows marketplace at the moment. I never quite understood why someone would want to add another clock for instance to the sidebar, does not make that much sense to me. One way to change the relative uselessness of the Windows Vista sidebar is to use the Amnesty Generator to convert web widgets to sidebar gadgets.

We all know that many widget databases exist that allow you to add widgets to your website. All you need is the final html code that would be used to display the widget on your website. Instead of doing that you would simply paste the code into the generator and watch how a new Vista gadget gets created.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

An Introduction To Microsoft Vista Business

As I'm sure you already know, Microsoft Vista is on the way! Microsoft projects that all five versions of Vista will be available by mid-2006, and if that holds this will be the longest time period ever between versions of Windows.Yes, that's right - I said "all five versions". Microsoft says that past versions of their OS, such as Windows XP, were based more on hardware type than how people actually used their PCs. MS says that this will not be the case with Vista, and to that end they're going to offer two separate versions of Vista to businesses and two to home PC users. In this article, we'll take a quick overview of Microsoft Vista Business features.Windows Vista Business is offered as a solution for all companies, regardless of size. In answer to security concerns about past Microsoft products, Vista Business will offer built-in solutions against malware. And for those of you (okay, us) who never quite have all the information on their PCs backed up properly, Vista will not only help you to resolve catastrophic failures before they occur, but new features Windows Backup and Volume Shadow Copy will help to ensure that you never have to pray for a hard drive to come back to life because you're behind on your backups!Windows Vista Enterprise will bring these features and more to enterprise-level networks. One of these is Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption, designed to encrypt an entire hard drive. BitLocker will help prevent the loss of your organization's intellectual property even if the PC it's on is stolen.To start learning more about Vista, visit Regardless of whether your company has any plans to move to Vista, you owe it to yourself and your career to keep up with the latest technologies- and that includes Microsoft!Chris Bryant, CCIE #12933, is the owner of The Bryant Advantage, home of over 100 free certification exam tutorials, including Cisco CCNA certification test prep articles. His exclusive Cisco CCNA study guide and Cisco CCNA training is also available!Visit his blog and sign up for Cisco Certification Central, a daily newsletter packed with CCNA, Network+, Security+, A+, and CCNP certification exam practice questions! A free 7-part course, "How To Pass The CCNA", is also available, and you can attend an in-person or online CCNA boot camp with The Bryant Advantage!Article Source:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boost Your Computer Performance With Vista Registry Repair

Boost your computer performance with AdwareAlert. This program removes dangerous spyware and adware from your PC.
Adware Alert - Get a free scan and take back control of your computer.

Vista registry repair helps in keeping your Windows Vista safe and free from various types of vulnerabilities that are caused by erroneous Windows Registry. But, the very first question, in this regard may come to your mind is why you need of Vista registry repair, as Vista, like the previous versions of Windows, offers an efficient Windows Registry storage and maintenance. Vista stores and maintains the registry information whenever there is installation or uninstallation in your system or there are some changes in the system settings or the different hardware or software configurations in the system. However, errors began to flood your system registry after you use your Vista for a considerable period of time. The main reason behind this can be identified as the overflow of registry entries in your system, and this is generally caused by continuous use of Windows Registry, incomplete installation and uninstallation processes and various spyware keys. These problems gradually affect the performance of your system and soon your system starts responding very slowly.To overcome such a situation, you need to repair your Vista registry and for this registry cleaner for Vista is a must. The registry cleaner enables you to remove the various inconsistencies in the Windows Registry which helps in enhancing the performance your system. The primary function of the registry cleaner is to scan your Windows Vista efficiently and effectively, and delete the various unnecessary entries in the Windows Registry. A good registry cleaner always offers registry backups before deleting the unused registry entries so that whenever you need any particular registry entry in the near future, you can restore immediately. It also deletes the registry entries made by spyware and adware programs to provide network security to some extent. So, by performing Vista registry repair, you can keep your Windows registry up-to-date and also schedule, backup and restore the registry according to your convenience. In other words, Vista registry repair offers you to extract the maximum efficiency from your system and keeps your system safe from various adware and spyware.A Singh is admin and technical expert associated with development of Vista Registry Cleaner. With the release of the new operating system by Microsoft, Author has also upgraded its Registry Cleaner to support the versions of Windows Vista.You can visit the Home Page to read and download free trial of a range of security and performance enhancing software like Windows Registry Cleaner Anti Spyware and Anti Adware Windows and Internet Cleaner Anti Spam Filter for MS Outlook Anti Spam Filter for Outlook ExpressVisit PCMantra informative Resource Center to read more about the products and their usage.Article Source:

Windows Vista Features and Improvements

The new Windows Vista operating system was made to be the most reliable Windows yet. Your will enjoy faster boot times and with the built in diagnostics and repair features you will be able to correct issues on the spot instead of calling a repair technician.Improvements in Windows Vista are as follows:1. Faster Boot and Resume: You will notice your system will be able to boot faster because of the way Windows Vista handle the scripts and application loading in the background.2. New technology in Windows Vista can detect poor performance and tune up your system automatically.3. Built-in Diagnostics: This nice feature will help find errors on your system and repair the problem for you or in the case of finding eminent disk failure will guide you through a backup process.4. Increased Reliability: Windows Vista is a step up from XP. It is more reliable at reducing user disruptions and includes features to help manage crashes and computer hang ups.5. Automatic Recovery: Windows Vista automatically diagnoses and recovers an unbootable system to a usable state with the help of the Startup Repair Tool (SRT) a step-by-step, diagnostics-based troubleshooter that provides users with a guided recovery experience for no-boot situations.As with every new operating system Windows Vista is not without its flaws. Most errors and issues out there have a work around. With the release of Service pack 1 scheduled for the summer of 2007 many of these issue will be patched. With time Vista will replace XP and users are sure to embrace many of the new Vista features.If your looking for free computer repair help or just want some free computer advice then check us out as We also feature links to many free computer repair tools like computer tuneup software and free antivirus softwareArticle Source:

Monday, November 19, 2007

Vista - Is It For You?

As most of you know, Windows Vista new operating system was released in January. If you're planning to use Vista, you should check it out first. It is a very new program and like most programs may need to have the kinks worked out. But if you are one that get new technology as soon as it appears than this is for you. Most computer manufacturers are seeing that people are wanting to purchase new computers to get Vista, so Vista is what will typically come installed with any computer you purchase today.If you choose not to have vista and would like to stay with windows XP then you might have to have it built to suite you.

Also, it is worth knowing that only newer model printers will be coming out with Vista drivers, so if you have an older model you might have to purchase a new one or come up with an alternate solution. You should still be able to use the XP drivers on any Vista computer.What ever printer or camera you select to use with this software, be sure to check with the manufacturer for Windows Vista compatibility before purchasing a new computer with Windows Vista installed.If you have an computer with windows XP installed and want Vista, then you will need to purchase the disk and install it yourself. If this is the case I would sugguest that you back up all of you files, photos and any other documents that you want to keep. Then call your technical support and have them walk though it with you. This will save you time and stress.

If you really want to take the work out of looking for that right Spyware Protection from a Spybot go to the Internet and get a Free Spybot Download or a Spybot Search and Destroy Download to prevent your vital information from being ripped from your computer.

Speed Up Windows Vista

Windows Vista features what some of us think is the prettiest GUI in the OS industry. Its stylish transparencies and nifty animations—driven by Direct3D and your graphics card—give it a polished look that's a pleasure to use.

Unfortunately, that shiny, new interface, called Aero, is also a resource hog. If you're running Vista on a PC that's near or just above the system requirements, you might want to shut off some or all of those features.

Here are some actions you might want to take to tweak interface niceties:

  • Lose the transparency. Right-click the desktop, click Personalize, and click Windows Color and Appearance. Uncheck Enable Transparency. Click OK.
  • Get rid of the Sidebar. It's cool, but some of those gadgets chow down on memory. Right-click the Sidebar, click Properties, and uncheck Start Sidebar When Windows Starts. Click OK. Then, right-click the Sidebar and click Close Sidebar. If you ever want it back, you can simply click the Start button and key in "sidebar" and hit Enter.
  • Get rid of some of the visual effects. Open Control Panel, click Performance and System Tools, and click Adjust Visual Effects. In the resulting window, you can uncheck line items for animations, fades, and other effects; or simply click Adjust For Best Performance.
  • Go with a non-Aero theme. To get rid of Aero entirely, use the Windows Classic, Windows Vista Basic, or Windows Standard theme. Right-click the desktop, click Personalize, and click Windows Color and Appearance. Click Open Classic Appearance Properties... and choose a theme in the Color Scheme list box. Click OK.
Shut off some visuals to speed up the interface.
Use a non-Aero
Use a non-Aero theme to cut down on the GUI's use of resources.

When you perform such tweaks, Windows Vista won't look as pretty. It will, however, respond much faster.

Get cool gadgets on your Vista screen

In this tip you’ll learn how to add and configure gadgets using the Windows Vista Sidebar. The Sidebar occupies the right or left end of your screen and serves up a clock, calendar, newsreader, weather gauge, and other useful items called “gadgets." You can add, remove, and reorganize these mini-applications or gadgets as you please to create exactly the Sidebar you want. Here’s how.

First, decide if you want the Sidebar to be a permanent fixture on the desktop or something that stays hidden until you mouse over to the side of your screen. Right-click an unoccupied area of the Sidebar, choose Properties, and then check or uncheck “Sidebar is always on top of other windows.” (This is also where you decide if the Sidebar should occupy the right or left side of the screen.)

Windows Vista Sidebar

The Windows Vista Sidebar, displayed on the right side of the desktop.

To remove any of the existing gadgets from the Sidebar, mouse over it, then click the little close-application x in the corner. To change the settings for a gadget, click the little wrench instead. You can also drag and drop a gadget to a different location on the Sidebar, or drag it off the Sidebar altogether and position it somewhere else on your desktop.

To add gadgets to the Sidebar, click the plus sign at the top of it. You’ll see a dozen or so choices; drag any of them to the Sidebar. However, there are hundreds more available online. Here’s a partial list:

  • Live Clock
  • Amazon Search
  • iTunes Songs
  • Pong
  • WeatherBug
  • Hangman
  • Video Player for YouTube
  • Bible verse of the day
  • Google Searcher
  • HTML Sandbox

Click the “Get more gadgets online” link to see a complete list. There are literally hundreds of gadgets from categories including fun and games, search tools, security, and more. These aren’t drag-and-drop additions, however; you’ll have to download and install them first. Fortunately, most gadgets cost nothing.

Speed up the Vista Interface

Sure, the new vista theme is pretty to look at, but it really puts a hurting on your system, and changing it to look like the older versions of windows can make a very noticeable effect on your systems performance. Here are some easy ways to do this:

  • Right-click the desktop, click Personalize, and click Windows Color and Appearance. Uncheck Enable Transparency. Click OK.
  • The sidebar is a real hog, so Right-click the Sidebar, click Properties, and uncheck Start Sidebar When Windows Starts.
  • The visual effects probably have the biggest impact, changing these can help you DRASTICALLY by just disabling some of the “neat” stuff in vista. Open Control Panel, click Performance and System Tools, and click Adjust Visual Effects. I suggest taking off any animations, shadows, etc. You really cant tell a difference anyways.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

QuickBooks and Vista - Not All Versions Of QuickBooks Are Compatible With Vista

QuickBooks users need to understand Vista's compatibility with QuickBooks, because not all versions of QuickBooks are compatible with Vista.Only QuickBooks 2007, and newer versions, are compatible with Vista. Intuit announced on October 16, 2007, that it is investigating third-party workarounds for QuickBooks users who are using older versions of QuickBooks. However, no other details were given.This means that any version of QuickBooks prior to 2007 will not be compatible with Vista. This has to do with the new Vista security features.Be Careful About Upgrading to VistaFor those wishing to upgrade to Vista, they will be forced to upgrade to QuickBooks 2007 (or later versions). For those running versions of QuickBooks older than 2007, they should not upgrade to Vista if they don't want to also upgrade to QuickBooks 2007. Users of QuickBooks 2007 have a choice: they may upgrade to Vista, or they may stay with their current operating system, as QuickBooks 2007 is compatible with both.At some point, QuickBooks users will need to be aware when purchasing any new software for their computers. If a product is for Vista only, this forces the user to make a decision: keep the product, and upgrade to Vista and to QuickBooks 2007 (and possibly upgrade other software products as well), or don't keep the product and don't upgrade.The Vista operating system is an overhaul of previous Microsoft operating systems. It's a completely new system, and not an upgrade to Windows XP.Vista TidbitsVista sports a brand new graphical interface Vista users must verify if their software is genuine within 30 days of activating it, or else key features will be stopped. Vista will have a new email client: Windows Mail. This will replace Outlook Express. Vista is more energy efficient than previous Microsoft operating systems Vista is more secure than previous Microsoft operating systemsAbout the Author: Jennifer A. Thieme is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who loves to help people with QuickBooks. She brings unique insight, clear instructions, and over ten years of experience to all of her QuickBooks articles. Owner of Solid Rock Accounting Services, Jennifer's clients enjoy these same benefits on a personal and regular basis. You can too - visit and contact Jennifer today.Article Source:

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Auto SysTools Vista

Speed your computer, clean your system, protect your privacy now!
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Is the capacity of your hard disk getting smaller and smaller? Are the
garbage files in the system getting worse and worse? Want to clear them but no good methods?

Are you troubled by others' using your personal computer? Because your private information such as websites' URL, passwords, recently opened files and films and so on are often spied on by them?
Are you troubled by non-thoroughly deleted files? Because there is always someone recovering them secretly to spy?

If you have these troubles above, don't be worried! Auto SysTools can solve all the problems mentioned thoroughly!

Features of Auto SysTools Vista V4:

* Press F8, it can clean up your computer and protect your privacy automaticlly!
* Scan the hard disk at a high speed and list the useless files for your OneClick Cleanup.
* Optimize the computer memory for a faster running
* Organize StartUp program.
* Clean up all the tracks of your using the computer to protect your privacy
* Crush the secret files thoroughly, which cannot be recovered even by Hackers.
* LiveUpdate: It can update to the latest version automatically once connected to the Internet.

AntiSpyware 2007 Certified For Windows Vista!

AntiSpyware 2007 is a cutting-edge anti-spyware solution. Our revolutionary Antispyware Free Scan was created by the industry's top spyware experts in order to protect your computer and your privacy, while ensuring optimal system performance. With the ability to locate, eliminate and prevent the widest range of spyware threats, AntiSpyware® 2007 is able to offer its users a safe, spyware-free computing experience; and with it's convenient automatic update feature, AntiSpyware® 2007 ensures continuous up-to-date protection.

5 Useful Windows Vista Gadgets

Windows Vista gadgets can do more than show the weather and news. The Windows Vista Sidebar can also be used to install gadgets that are useful as system utilities that keep track of the resources Windows Vista is using.

Sidebar gadgets have been created that can keep track of how Windows Vista is using your CPU, memory, hard drive and network resources.

Below are some of the best Windows Vista Sidebar gadgets available that can be used to help keep track of system resources:

1. CPU Meter Gadget

CPU Meter Gadget - Windows Vista Sidebar Gadgets

The CPU Meter Windows Vista Sidebar gadget displays two dials - one that tracks your system's CPU usage and another that tracks physical memory usage, both in percentage format. This is a pretty basic Windows Vista gadget in that there are no fancy options, but it does what it does well.

The CPU Meter gadget is included with Windows Vista. Just open the Gadgets window from your Windows Sidebar and double-click on CPU Meter. It will instantly be added to your Windows Sidebar.

If you like to keep track of how much memory and CPU is being used at any given time, give the CPU Meter gadget a try.

2. DriveInfo Gadget

The DriveInfo Windows Vista Sidebar gadget monitors the free space available on one or more of your PC's hard drives. It displays the free space in both GB and percentage. The DriveInfo gadget is very easy to configure and is an especially attractive addition to your other Vista Sidebar gadgets.

The DriveInfo gadget is available as a free download from the Windows Live Gallery. Just click Download to Sidebar and follow the instructions to add the gadget to your Windows Sidebar.

If you frequently check the free space available on your hard drives, the DriveInfo gadget will definitely save you some time.

3. Wireless Network Gadget

The Wireless Network Windows Vista Sidebar gadget is a very useful gadget if you connect to the world via a wireless network. It monitors both your wireless network's strength and security. The Wireless Network gadget is well designed and will fit well on your Sidebar with your other attractive gadgets.

The Wireless Network gadget is freely available from the Windows Live Gallery. As with the other gadgets available at the Windows Live Gallery, just click Download to Sidebar and follow the instructions to add the gadget to your Windows Sidebar.

4. Memory Meter Gadget

The Memory Meter Windows Vista Sidebar gadget monitors everything about your system memory. It displays the the total amount of memory, amount of memory remaining, and the amount and percentage of memory currently being used by Windows Vista.

The Memory Meter gadget is also freely available from the Windows Live Gallery. As with some of the other gadgets mentioned in this list, just click Download to Sidebar and follow the instructions to add the gadget to your Windows Sidebar.

If your memory usage is something you need (or like) to watch, the Memory Meter Vista Sidebar gadget will really come in handy.

5. Uptime Gadget

The Uptime Windows Vista Sidebar gadget keeps track of how long your Windows Vista system has been powered on. That's all it does. It resets every time the system is restarted.

The Uptime gadget is also available as a free download from the Windows Live Gallery.

System uptime trackers are useful to show how stable (or unstable) an operating system is since an unstable or error-prone system will usually need restarted on a regular basis.