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Add Copy To / Move To on Windows Vista Right-Click Menu

There's a registry hack for Windows that will let you add a Copy To Folder or Move To Folder to the right-click menu, which can be very useful when you want to move a file but don't have the other folder open already.

Right-click on a file:


And up pops a nice dialog that you can use to easily drop a file into the right directory.


Hidden Vista Trick: Launching your favorite applications with the [Windows] key

To take advantage of this hidden trick, all you have to do is add the shortcuts to your favorite applications to the Quick Launch toolbar, which you can do with a simple drag and drop operation. You can have up to 10 shortcuts on the Quick Launch toolbar to use with the [Windows] key. By default, the Show Desktop and the Switch Between Windows/Flip 3D shortcuts are already on the Quick Launch toolbar, so with the idea that you’d leave them there, you can add up to 8 additional shortcuts.

Moving left to right, the first shortcut on the Quick Launch toolbar is automatically assigned to [Windows]+1, the second shortcut to [Windows]+2 and so on. The tenth shortcut on the Quick Launch toolbar is automatically assigned to [Windows]+0. By unlocking the Taskbar (via a simple right-click on the Taskbar and clicking Lock the Taskbar) and expanding the Quick Launch toolbar, as shown in Figure A, you can use drag and drop to arrange the shortcuts in any order that you want.

Figure A

In this Quick Launch toolbar arrangement, [Windows]+6 launches Notepad while [Windows]+0 launches the new Windows Vista Snipping Tool.

Once you memorize which numeric [Windows] keys are assigned to which application shortcuts; you can resize the Quick Launch toolbar to its default size and relock the Taskbar, as shown in Figure B. This lets you use the all the space on the Taskbar as you normally would and still be able to launch any of your applications with a simple [Windows] keystroke.

Figure B

You can resize the Quick Launch toolbar so that it doesn’t take space away from the Taskbar, yet still access the shortcuts via the [Windows] key combinations.

Other Win Key combinations

Here are a couple of other handy [Windows] key shortcuts:

  • [Windows]+T: Cycles through programs using the Live Taskbar feature.
  • [Windows]+[Spacebar]: Brings the Windows Sidebar to the foreground.
  • Sunday, January 06, 2008

    Windows Vista: Some Tips and Tricks to Make Work Easy with Vista

    Windows Vista is a newly launched operating system by Microsoft. Hence, there are many underlying areas which people are yet unaware of. There are many people who are interested in learning more about this operating system and exploring the same. This is an interesting read for such people:

    • File Menu Access: You might not find the File menu Tab in many applications in Vista. To temporarily enable this application, press the alt+F key. To give a permanent affect to this, use the Organize option on windows explorer screen. Go to the Folder and Search Options and from there click on view tab. Click on the box of show menus. This will help you see the menu tabs on your explorer screen
    • Expanding options with Right Click: You can use the shift key along with the right click key to get more details and see the hidden options. This will also increase the speed of your work
    • Monitoring: Any parent can control the usage of PC by the children. To do so, they can go to the start menu and click on the control panel option. To apply settings, they should click on the User Accounts and Family Safety options. After that click on the Parental Controls tab and thus you can edit the account of your children or create a new one. You can monitor the time spent on internet, games, other programs etc.

    What Can You Do With Windows Vista?

    • You can also customize you desktop icons by right clicking on the desktop and then choosing the personalize option
    • You can customize the start menu. To do so, right click on the taskbar and then go to the properties tab. From there, you can customize the start menu and the items appearing there in by just checking on the “Don’t Display” option.
    • You can make internet search from start menu itself

    So get going and have a happy vista period!

    Thursday, January 03, 2008

    Auto SysTools Vista

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    Windows Vista vs Windows 7

    Even as Microsoft released their latest operating system, Windows Vista, rumors were already flying about the next client version of Windows dubbed: "Windows 7", which is due in 2010. It is leaving many windows users in a quandary, as they debate whether to skip Windows Vista and wait on Windows 7 - which is not due out for another 3 years, or upgrade from the popular Windows XP to Windows Vista in the interim.

    Windows Vista is rightly touted as a huge upgrade from Windows XP, as it includes several additional features not offered in Windows XP. In fact, it has been dubbed as the "largest upgrade since Windows 95." However, most IT managers and other Windows users have been markedly slow to upgrade to this latest operating system. Many seem determined to cling to XP for just about as long as they can. A key reason for this is that XP is a pretty good operating system.

    Windows 7, codename Vienna, is the future version of Microsoft's line of operating systems known as Windows. The planned development phase is three years, pegging its release in 2010. Microsoft is keeping much of Windows 7 a secret since they want to concentrate on promoting the new Windows Vista. They do reveal, though that they plan to make Windows 7 will be focused on making it easier for users to find and use information.

    Should you skip Windows Vista? Well, there is always the danger of a delay: What happens if Windows 7 is late? Though it is slated to ship in the next 3 years, many businesses will still have to wait another 12 months or more to get their hands on it. In the meantime, they will have to keep hanging on to Windows XP

    You should also keep in mind that as software developers begin to create software for Windows Vista, its issues of software compatibility will be a thing of the past, and the two operating systems will be on par. Several new computer technologies are also becoming exclusive to Windows Vista. The awesome graphical abilities of Vista's DirectX 10 are one such innovation. This may well chip at the XP's current popularity, as Vista gains ground among the mainstream public. You may get left behind.

    If you have the financial resources, an Upgrade to Windows Vista may well be worth the money, even with the impending release of the new Windows 7 operating system. Even though it may seem like a waste of money to buy Windows Vista when Windows 7 may be right around the corner, nobody is sure how long it will take for Microsoft to actually release Windows 7. It is even possible that Windows 7 may not be worth the wait, if it fails to live up to all the hype.